Heavy Rain Continues over Portions of the Pacific Northwest

Heavy rain with local flooding will continue along the Washington and Oregon coasts for the next few days. Snow will impact the higher elevations of the Cascades to the northern Rockies. Strong winds will develop in the Sierra and Great Basin. Meanwhile, heavy rain is possible in parts of Florida while light snow will fall in the Upper Great Lakes and northern New England.

Last Update: 203 PM PST Wed Nov 22 2017

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Marine Zone Forecast


Synopsis: Steep to very steep seas will persist through Thursday morning. Southerly winds will remain gusty during this time frame but below gale force. Small craft advisory conditions will follow on Thursday, then calmer conditions are expected Thursday night through Friday night. Multiple strong low pressure systems will bring rounds of increasing south winds and seas over the weekend, along with high northwest swells.

S wind 20 to 25 kt. Wind waves 5 to 8 ft. SW swell 10 ft at 11 seconds...subsiding to 8 ft at 10 seconds. Rain.
S wind 15 to 25 kt...veering to SW 10 to 20 kt in the late morning and early afternoon, then... Veering to W 5 to 10 kt late in the afternoon. Wind waves 4 to 6 ft...subsiding to 3 to 4 ft in the afternoon. Swell SW 7 to 8 ft at 10 seconds. Chance of rain through the day.
Thu Night
W wind 5 to 10 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Swell SW 7 to 8 ft at 10 seconds...subsiding to SW 6 ft at 10 seconds and NW 4 to 5 ft at 11 seconds after midnight. Slight chance of rain in the evening, then slight chance of showers after midnight.
E wind 5 kt...veering to SE in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Swell SW 5 to 6 ft and NW 5 ft...shifting to the NW 6 ft and SW 4 ft in the afternoon.
Fri Night
S wind 5 to 10 kt...backing to SE after midnight. Wind waves 2 ft or less. Mixed swell NW 5 ft and SW 3 to 4 ft. Rain likely.
Northern portion, SE wind 5 kt in the morning. Wind S 25 kt in the afternoon. Southern portion, SE wind 10 to 15 kt in the morning. Wind waves 2 ft or less...becoming 5 to 6 ft in the afternoon. NW swell 4 to 5 ft. Rain.
Sat Night
Northern portion, SW 20 to 25 kt after midnight. S gales 35 kt in the evening. Southern portion, SW 15 kt after midnight. Wind waves 11 to 13 ft. NW swell 6 to 7 ft...building to 10 to 11 ft after midnight. Rain.
SW wind 20 kt...becoming S 30 kt in the afternoon, then... Veering to SW in the evening... Veering to W after midnight. Wind waves 7 ft...building to 11 to 12 ft in the afternoon and evening, then...subsiding to 8 ft after midnight. Swell NW 13 to 14 ft.
W wind 15 kt...backing to SE. Wind waves 3 ft...building to 5 ft in the evening, then...subsiding to 3 ft after midnight. W swell 12 to 13 ft.
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Last Update: 203 PM PST Wed Nov 22 2017
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