Severe Weather and Heavy Rainfall Potential for the East; Active Weather Continues for the West

Strong Pacific storm will continue to bring heavy precipitation and strong winds across the western U.S. today. Across the east, the chance for strong to severe thunderstorms later today as low pressure tracks eastward. This system could redevelop into a coastal storm for the mid-Atlantic and Northeast corridors into Tuesday.

Last Update: 809 AM PDT Mon Oct 25 2021

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Marine Zone Forecast


Synopsis: The historically large swell has peaked, and will very slowly subside. In the meantime, bar crossings will be treacherous. Very high and very steep seas will continue into Tuesday. Winds and seas will subside late Tuesday, but seas will remain steep at least through Wednesday. Active weather will persist through the remainder of the week.

Northern portion, SW wind 15 to 20 kt...easing to 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Southern portion, SW wind 20 kt... Becoming W 5 to 10 kt. Wind waves 8 ft... Subsiding to 5 to 7 ft in the afternoon. W swell 27 ft at 16 seconds...subsiding to 23 ft at 15 seconds in the afternoon. Showers.
SW wind 15 kt...backing to S early in the morning. Wind waves 4 to 6 ft. Swell W 18 to 20 ft at 14 seconds. Rain.
Northern portion, S wind 30 kt...becoming SW 15 to 20 kt in the afternoon. Southern portion, S wind 20 to 25 kt...rising to 30 kt in the late morning and early afternoon, then...easing to 15 to 25 kt late in the afternoon. Wind waves 6 to 9 ft. W swell 16 ft at 14 seconds...subsiding to 13 to 14 ft at 13 seconds in the afternoon. Rain.
Tue Night
SW wind 10 to 20 kt. Wind waves 5 to 8 ft. Swell W 10 to 12 ft. Rain likely.
SW wind 5 to 10 kt...backing to S 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 3 to 4 ft in the morning...becoming 2 ft or less. Swell W 9 to 10 ft. Chance of rain through the day.
Wed Night
S wind 10 to 15 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less... Becoming 3 ft after midnight. Swell NW 13 to 15 ft. Slight chance of rain.
S wind 10 kt. Wind waves 3 ft...becoming 2 ft or less. W swell 12 ft...subsiding to 9 ft.
NE wind 5 kt...becoming N 15 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less... Becoming 7 ft. W swell 8 ft... Becoming NW 5 ft.
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Last Update: 809 AM PDT Mon Oct 25 2021
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